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Top Vancouver Wedding Photographer


2022 Top 3 Vancouver Wedding Photographer & Top 10 Canadian Wedding Photographer

MyWed 2022 Top 3 Vancouver wedding photographer and top 10 wedding photographers in Canada & 2019 Editor's Choice | The Knot Best of Weddings 2018 | Editor's Pick on F-Stoppers | I have photographed the engagements and weddings of 2 Miss Canadas (though all of my couples are noteworthy!)

You are my muse! 


Before pulling out my camera I spend the time to get a sense of who you are. Then I form my artistic vision around the types of photographs that I know will resonate with you. In this way I create personalized visual narratives. I show up with a vision that is thoughtfully crafted around you. I cringe when I see beautiful images with clearly awkward feeling people. If you feel totally out of your element it will show. When you feel like you belong in the photograph, that will show too. This can never be accomplished by using a copy and paste approach to photography. Photography is visual story telling and every story is unique.  

I've photographed close to 300 weddings in Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Banff, Lake Louise, Edmonton, Chicago, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, in castles, resorts, intimate back yards, on mountains, in forests, on beaches and gardens and most anywhere else you can imagine. I look forward to capturing your thousand words. 

Calgary & Vancouver Wedding Photographer (and anywhere you're getting married wedding photographer)

What things are important to you when hiring a wedding photographer? 

More than just beautiful photos...

Creating a Superior Customer Experience 

  • Communication is key. I'm available to my clients before, during and after your session.

  • Have you ever seen gorgeous pictures but the people in them look stiff and awkward? Let's not do that stiff and awkward part. Going beyond just beautiful images by providing "training" with a complimentary engagement session and guiding you throughout, so you will look great.

  • Let's have fun. Over and over people tell me stories about the pain of their last photography session. That's not how it should be. Get ready to find your inner supermodel. 

  • Professional editing. Proper colour grading— no orange Oompa Loompa or pale zombie skin tones, or fluorescent green foliage. No lazy editing either. Background distractions, garbage and stains  removed in all family and portrait shots. 

  • Sharing knowledge and resources to help you in the planning process.

  • Photography personalized to you.

  • An experience that enhances the memories of your day.

  • Consistent product quality.

  • Staying on schedule to keep your day running smoothly. 

  • Honouring the trust you place in me as your photographer to capture once in a lifetime memories. 


What absolute talent. We planned our wedding from out in Ontario and Karin made it so easy! Always quick email responses and such professional service. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and would not have been so without the pure joy that Karin brought to our day. So professional, so calm (she kept us laughing and our nerves in check!), and such beautiful quality photos. I would highly recommend Karin Inge Photography to any and all couples planning a wedding! Thanks for everything :)

Alexandra & Adam


Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Calgary Wedding Photographer

I'm Karin. I launched my first wedding photography business in 2011.  To describe myself in a nutshell, I love life with all it's blessings, challenges and beauty. I'm an eternal optimist, endlessly curious and have a thirst for learning. I'm not overly photogenic as you can see. I always seem to look nervous or like I'm plotting something, so behind the lens is my happy place. 

Being an intuitive and flexible thinker has served me very well as a photographer who captures fast-paced, once in a lifetime events. These qualities have enabled me to individualize my approach to every couple, to encourage and draw out sincerity and authenticity. This is so important because portrait and wedding photography is first and foremost about people.  

The Early Years

During my early teens we had a neighbour who was a truly amazing photographer. He was a regular contributor to Nature Magazine and several of his photographs were featured in National Geographic.
He taught me all the fundamentals, the things that were important in order to become a "real" photographer as he used to say. He also taught me that moments last just that, a moment, so to always be aware and ready. That was back in the days of film when it was vital to get the shot right, in camera, the first time. Either that or one needed massive amounts of expendable income for film and processing. I was around 13. I did not have any amount of expendable income. So I learned to get it right.

To this day I still shoot with his lessons in mind, every time. Thanks Tom. wherever you may be!

The Unofficial Beginning

One ordinary day, it happened. I was asked by a workmate if I would do a family session. It wasn't an "official" session but I wanted to deliver something meaningful. I went with the goals of capturing her family as a unit and as individuals, to give them something special that was reflective of them. The entire family loved their pictures, even the kids. Their reactions made me realize how powerful portrait photography can be. They started showing off their pictures and six weeks later, yes, 6 weeks, I was so inundated with photography requests that I quit my day job and never looked back. (Except for 2020, but no one talks about the year of the great toilet paper crisis.)
It was a couple of months into my new family photography career that the same (now former) workmate told me her mom was getting married and was looking for a wedding photographer. She asked if I would do it. I responded with a firm "Um, no?!". I had no experience shooting weddings. But they insisted. It was a small family event, no pressure (yeah right!), and it was me or no photographer at all.  There was no time to find anyone else and they were already comfortable with me from the family session. So I agreed, making no promises as to the final result. And you know what happened? It was instant love. Weddings were definitely  my jam. 

The Official Beginning and my M.O.
Thus, I purposely chose to focus on weddings when I started my first legitimate photography business. I love people, and I love love. It was a natural fit.
It's a privilege to be entrusted with such valuable and irreplaceable memories. I aim to capture the personality of each couple and every individual present in authentic, beautiful, artistic, well focused images. Details that have lovingly been poured over are not to be overlooked either. All the big and little things, the family and the friends, they all form a cohesive whole on a wedding day. 
Taking the time to get to know my clients personally is how I tailor each wedding and photo session. Pictures are tangible, frozen moments and your reason for finding a photographer is because you want a keepsake of a special time in your life. Your experience with me is as important to me as the images I deliver. The importance of those things haven't diminished over time. In fact each time I deliver a photo album, a happy and emotional reaction is a keen reminder of why I feel so privileged to have this career.   

I've had the joy of growing with my clients from engagements and weddings to maternity, newborn and family sessions.
I'm based in the greater Vancouver area with a second base in Calgary. If you're outside those of areas, no problem. I travel. Wherever you are is where I'll be. I invite you look through the portfolios and featured weddings. If you connect with my work we will likely connect in person.

My Thoughts on the Importance & Value of Photography

Memories are our most precious keepsakes. That's why as humans, we have always searched for ways to preserve them. Some use descriptive words, others paint to preserve moments and emotions. From cave walls to masterpieces that have become some of humanity's greatest treasures these works have preserved beauty, knowledge and precious memories.
But as much as we all appreciate a great work of art, they were just not a practical or efficient means of capturing moments we wished we could have lived in forever. Easels are cumbersome. Paints are messy.
Photographs have a real power to evoke emotion and bring us back to moments that would otherwise fade with time. Since 1823 when French scientist Joseph Nicéphore took the world's first known photograph at this family's country home, we have been honing our craft and using ever improving technology to create visual markers and highlights of our lives.
If you want to learn more about the beginnings of photography and see that image along with other photography firsts, then head over to this National Geographic gallery:

If you're still with me to this point, thanks for reading! If you've connected with my images then we will also click in person. Who doesn't enjoy a good pun?  I'd love to hear from you. 


Vancouver Wedding Photographer | Calgary Wedding Photographer

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