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Victoria Wedding Photographer

Hatley Castle & Pendray Inn and Tea House Victoria Wedding 

Hatley Castle & Pendray Tea House Victoria Wedding Photography 

Adam and Alexandra love all things superheroes. When they were planning their wedding they wanted to incorporate their personalities, without going over the top. They wanted an elegant and beautiful day they could share with their closest loved ones. So they planned their wedding from across the country at beautiful Hatley Castle. This stunning location served as Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in the X-Men movie series.

They had their ceremony and pictures at Hatley Castle. Despite the warm temperatures the entrance hall was perfect for this happy little group. With the fireplace serving as backdrop, the chandeliers, wood paneled staircases and all the castley details it served as the perfect space for the laughter and tear filled ceremony. The gardens were wonderful for pictures. And who doesn't want a stunning location like this for their background? 

Everyone stayed together for the weekend at the charming Pendray Inn and Tea House. They celebrated their reception in the dining room enjoying a dinner was 5 stars. It was a lively group and everyone was ready to have a good time. The venue was ideal! There's something so luxurious about Victorian era decor. Being in a room with such thoughtful craftsmanship is very pleasant and added to the joyful atmosphere. There was laughter, dancing, eating, hugs and all the good things one could hope for. 

Usually people don't think of a Victoria wedding as a destination wedding. But Vancouver and Victoria are so beautiful and offer such a variety that it's really a great choice. In this case, it was the X-Men that drew this crew out this way. Whatever it was, this wedding was a joy to photograph and a treat to be at. 


Wedding photography has taken me to a variety of cities and many beautiful venues. But Victoria is one of my favourites. There is a classic beauty to downtown Victoria and it provides such a variety of backdrops. There is something for every couple. If you're getting married there and are searching for Victoria wedding photography that will enhance your day and preserve your memories beautifully then send me a note! I look forward to capturing your thousand words. 

Victoria wedding photography by Karin Inge Photography

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