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Steamworks Downtown Vancouver

An Elegant Wedding
Steamworks Vancouver Real Wedding

Steamworks Vancouver Real Wedding

You would never know by just looking at these two are how camera shy they were. When I met them in person for the first time for their their engagement session at Gastown in Vancouver I thought these two model looking people were going to slay the camera. But instead I found that they were endearingly shy and wanted to hide more than they wanted to pose! It ended up being a very fun, quirky session full of laughs and experimenting. But when the wedding day came it was like they were different people! They were still a little shy, but they were ready to get the pictures they had "trained" for and wanted. And they did.  

When I got to the getting ready location on the wedding day, the bride was looking absolutely stunning! Her best friend had flown in from overseas to be her maid of honour. This proved to be one of the most touching moments I have seen between friends in all my years photographing weddings. I placed them in front of the window to get some pictures of them. All of a sudden the maid of honour just burst into tears. It was so unexpected and heartwarming, in the end even I ended up shedding a tear, because it would have been impossible for anyone with a heart not to feel touched by the scene. 

With faces dried and makeup touched up, we headed to Steamworks for the ceremony. There, a very handsome and anxious groom was waiting along with family and friends who had gathered from all corners. I was delighted when I saw the most lovable, well behaved and adorable bridal party in history. It was such an elegant and tasteful event. The flowers were gorgeous and very unique, the staff at Steamworks did an incredible job and every detail of the décor was carefully planned and beautifully executed. Vancouver has some fantastic wedding venues, and as a wedding photographer I'm always thrilled by the amount of settings I get to work in. With beautiful mountain views, a vaulted ceiling and elegant private function room, Steamworks provides an elegant and fun venue.  This was a wonderful wedding to photograph.

Steamworks Vancouver Real Weddimg Photography by Karin Inge Photography

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