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Inn at the Quay New Westminster Wedding

Bride and groom save the cake from falling off the cake stand with panicked looks on their faces

This adorable and loving couple celebrated their wedding day at the perfectly situated Inn at the Quay in New Westminster. The rooftop ceremony was funny, touching and emotional. And even though it was a very bright, hot summer day, the pictures turned out beautifully. Just in time for the formals, white fluffy clouds appeared in the sky. These just added to the charm of the day and given their wonderful personalities I really felt that it was a perfect touch somehow.

I had already got to know this lovely pair through meetings, calls and the engagement session. I knew they were playful, easy going and had a great energy. I was really looking forward to capturing beautiful pictures of their wedding day, and all the other memories that went along with it. Friends, family, décor, thoughtful details. In short, all the things that personalize the day and make it special. We had a quick round of pictures right after the first look, and after the ceremony we headed back out for another round of family, bridal party and bride and groom portraits along the river.

Once we finished up with the formal pictures and headed back to the reception, everyone was ready to enjoy the party! The décor was lovely, the florals were beautiful and everyone was in a celebratory mood. These two high school sweethearts had decided to tie the knot after almost 10 years of being together and their family and friends turned out to support them wholeheartedly.

The cake table saw a lot of action on this day. The little twins who were present were so excited to have a cupcake that they kept going over to try to poke the icing. They were smart little ones, and I'm pretty sure they reasoned that if they poked one they would get to eat it. Dad was on it though, and the cupcakes were spared until it was actually time to eat them.

The cake cutting brought an exciting moment of slight panic! Although they had opted for cupcakes to give to the guests and the Inn at the Quay wedding day staff had done a beautiful job of laying everything out, the cutting cake was balanced on a high cake stand, and almost went over! Happily they saved it with relieved laughs, and I caught it on camera much to everyone's delight.

New Westminster Wedding Photography

I love the location of this venue. The riverside walk offers endless locations for beautiful pictures. It's well maintained with an ever changing variety of fresh flowers. In addition to the main path there are fountains, bridges, The Inn, and a number of other creative options that can be used as a backdrop. The locals who frequent it along the Quay side walk are so friendly, and generally do their best to facilitate the taking of wedding pictures.

From the engagement session that we did a couple of months previous to the end of the wedding day, it was an absolute delight to get to know this wonderful couple! These are the kinds of people that make me love what I do. A very happily ever after to you both!

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