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Destination Wedding Photographer

Senator Puerto Plata Wedding

Puerto Plata Destination Wedding Photography

Intimate weddings are always so very special. Even more so when everyone makes the effort to travel some place where they can spend an entire week together, not just the day. Dan and Brianne's wedding day was this kind of wedding. Close family and the closest of friends joined this beautiful couple as they celebrated the beginning of this new chapter of their lives together as husband and wife.


Brianne is elegant and feminine and was stunning beyond words in her incredible gown. The groom was so excited for their wedding that you couldn't help feeling charmed by it. As they got ready with their friends and family there were stories, laughter, planning for adventures for the days ahead, and such a feeling of joy permeated the entire day.


Puerto Plata is a beautiful place to get married. Their ceremony was on the beach at the Riu Bachata and the sunlight was showing off in some kind of splendor. As they chose their ceremony time for later in the afternoon in order to avoid the midday heat we only had time for a handful of photos following the ceremony before dark set it. We had planned for this and met the following day to a more relaxed session with the newlyweds.  


The evening reception was full of touching moments. Childhood songs, stories, touching speeches and good food were the right mix of ingredients for cap off a perfect wedding day. And the following day in town, we got some award winning wedding photos and captured some unforgettable moments. What a joy to be able to provide the Puerto Plata destination wedding photography and capture the memories for this wonderful pair. 

Puerto Plata destination wedding photography by Karin Inge Photography

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