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An Elegant and Love Filled Wedding Story

Calgary Wedding Photography

Calgary Wedding Photographer 

A wedding day is one of the key days in life. It's so much more than just a day to get dressed up and party. The meaning behind the wedding day is a combination of many things. Love, friendship, respect, admiration, companionship and the commitment of making two lives one and forging a path ahead through life together. It doesn't matter if it's a large wedding or an elopement. It's a day to be commemorated and celebrated as you join forces with your person for life. The deep meaning behind it is one of the main reasons I became a wedding photographer. 

This emotion filled wedding at The Marriott in downtown Calgary really brought those thoughts to mind. Every couple that chooses to embark on life together has, and is a beautiful story. But not every couple is as open about their feelings are A & T. I'm a softie and I'm not ashamed to admit that I tear up at pretty much every wedding. But this couple got me right in the feels. It was a beautiful day with many wonderful traditions incorporated. But more than that, the love and respect they feel for each other was palpable. This was a special day and the kind of day that keeps me loving what I do.

I started my wedding photographer career in Calgary in 2011. It's a wonderful city to get married in. The venue options are endless. From hotels to natural settings Calgary offers it all. The food scene is pretty darned good and some of the best meals I've ever enjoyed have been as a result of being a Calgary wedding photographer.  There are many great vendors to make a wedding a success. Or if you're opting for a mostly DYI event the variety of locations and venues that will make it feel like a grand and elegant event are many, no matter what the size of your wedding.

Even though my home base is now in Vancouver, I still consider very much consider myself a Calgary wedding photographer. I have family and a second base there. My Calgary roots run deep. I still spend a lot of time there and photograph many weddings in Calgary. Celebrating a wedding there is also more affordable and I find that because of that couples are able to personalize their more to their liking. And if you've seen my website at all you'll have noticed I'm all about personalizing the day. I'm not a copy and paste Calgary wedding photographer. I find new locations, new angles and unique ways to tell your story. I do this by incorporating personalities in different ways. From props to locations that I know will act as visual narratives, my goal as your photographer is to give you an album that is uniquely, beautifully  and completely you. 

Those who have worked with me all say the same thing. I'm as much wedding coordinator as I am photographer. I'm organized and passionate and throughout my career as a Calgary wedding photographer have seen the importance this plays in pulling off a successful wedding day. Your timeline needs to be nailed down and we need to stick to it. I have heard too many stories  of wedding days where the photographer took up almost the entire day to get their ideal shots. Many guests at the weddings I've photographed have spoken to me of how little time they got to spend with their loved ones and actually enjoy their day. Hearing how these experiences marred the memories and enjoyment of a day that should be nothing but happiness has made me more determined to focus on my couples enjoying their day. I'm a professional wedding photographer and I know the shots that matter. With preparation, the engagement session for practice and planned vision I've been able to consistently deliver quality service and images, and help my couples actually enjoy their wedding. 

I'm now ranked among the top 10 Canadian wedding photographers on MyWed. This is an incredibly humbling and gratifying nod to career. This is a site that has over 45,000 incredibly talented photographers worldwide and to be noticed at all is pretty special. I owe it to the hundreds of amazing couples I've bee privileged enough to work with over the years. I say this because my pretty much all my clients have trusted me with my vision for their day. This trust is no small thing when considering how much love, time, detail, expense and outpouring of oneself goes into planning a wedding. I've always considered that being a wedding photographer is not about my vision. It's about my vision specifically for each couple. Everyone I have photographed has helped me grow, learn and develop and for this I'm incredibly thankful!

If you're looking for a Calgary wedding photographer and you connect with my work, you and I will likely also connect. So I'd love to hear to you and have the privilege of capturing the memories of your day. 

It All Started in Calgary

I Shoot for my Clients, not Myself

Top 10 Canadian Wedding Photographers - Thank you!

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