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An engagement session is the best preparation for your wedding day photos. I find this so important in fact, that I have included a complimentary engagement photography session in all of the standard wedding packages.

Finding your person, the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is a wonderful thing! Getting engaged is a memory that never fades.  What better way to commemorate such a special highlight than with pictures? If you're looking for a Calgary or Vancouver engagement photographer, let's connect!



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West Vancouver Engagement Session

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Gastown Vancouver Engagement

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Calgary & Vancouver Engagement Photographer 

Available for engagement photography sessions in Vancouver, Calgary and surrounding areas

The question I get asked most often about couples preparing for their engagement session is about what to wear.

I'd like to share a funny anecdote relating to choice of wardrobe with you. As most of us know by now prints and bright colours should be kept to a minimum except when you want your engagement shoot to be more fashion than love story. I once had a couple, one of the most fun couples I have ever worked with, who were very stylish and loved bold patterns and prints. They chose a garden setting and came dressed in complementary florals. We had spoken about what to wear before the session and I encouraged them to rethink their choice. But they really loved their ensembles and were insistent. I suggested they bring a change of more neutral clothes and we would do photos in both outfits. They agreed... but forgot the change of clothesWe had a good laugh when most of the pictures looked like they were floating heads in a flower garden. We ended up having to reschedule to get the shots they wanted in the setting they wanted.

Whatever your style remember that your engagement photo album is a keepsake. Dress with that thought in mind. If you are a stilettos and ties kind of couple or gowns and suits, no problem. Ladies, make sure you bring flipflops for your safety and comfort. If you are a laid back, casual couple who live in jeans, wear your nice jeans and a well fitting neutral top. Adding a thoughtful touch or two like nice shoes and a fresh haircut or a nice watch will take your look up a notch. Just keep the bold prints for the parties or the office—anywhere but your engagement session. Your engagement photographer knows what she's talking about! 

The best engagement pictures come from incorporating an element that you identify with as a couple. This may be a location that you both love or that reflects your style, or it could be incorporating a piece of jewelry that has special meaning, or a host of other things. This session is about documenting a special time in your love story so I encourage you to find a way to personalize it.

Some couples like to incorporate a little luxury like a good bottle of wine, a favourite silk dress that was worn on a special date night or a cashmere sweater that was worn on the evening of the proposal. Those are just three of the personal touches that my clients have incorporated into their engagement sessions. Others are more casual and have included their favourite picnic blanket, hockey jerseys or chosen a location where they feel most relaxed such as barefoot on a beach. Though these may seem like small, almost insignificant things they will elevate your engagement session and resulting pictures to a level that has a deeper meaning for the two of you. 

Karin Inge Photography - Calgary & Vancouver engagement photography

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