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A Purple garden by the Ocean

A Childhood Home Backyard Wedding

West Vancouver Wedding Photography


This beautiful West Vancouver wedding near Lighthouse Park was full of excitement, laughter, tears, and overall one of the most energetic weddings I have ever photographed. We all know gatherings hold an extra special place in our hearts now. Weddings more so. And this particular wedding even took the special still a little further.​ And that's not to mention what beautiful locations this day provided for any West Vancouver wedding photography. 

I first met this wonderful couple when I photographed their best friend's wedding some time earlier. You can see their featured gallery here. I hit it off with them immediately and was thrilled when they contacted me some time later and asked me to be their photographer. It's always such a treat to see many of the same faces I have met at other weddings.

Alana and Brian celebrated their day in the backyard of her childhood home. It is a stunningly beautiful setting with an ocean view full of lush greenery, secret walkways, flowers and the purple hydrangeas that were planted almost 50 years ago by her grandma. The purple themed day suited the setting, their personalities and matched Alana's old bedroom.

Her bedroom has been left unchanged since her teenage years and served as her dressing room. It somehow made the entire wedding prep part of the day a little more emotional than most. Her mom and dad couldn't help reflecting on tangible and visible reminders that their once little girl was getting married on this day.

It was a bustle of activity as their wedding day approached. The deck was built over the pool to serve as the reception location. The large garden area had extra love and attention dedicated to it. Good planning and cooperation created a perfect day that went of without a hitch and really provided a great setting for the day's West Vancouver wedding photography sessions.

The wedding day itself was relaxed and happy. Since Brian 2, the best man who is also named Brian, was experienced being a wedding photographee—as I mentioned I had done his wedding prior to this one, he is not to be confused with the groom, also Brian—he stepped up to be the most enthusiastic and capable of photography assistants. You can see a glimpse of this in one of the images. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. The Brians squared were really great together, at both weddings.

You can feel the love as you look through the photographs of their day. The love for each other, their families and their close friends. But especially is this evident in Brian's reaction when we saw his bride heading toward the altar. His reaction made everyone shed a tear, me included. What a wonderful, unforgettable day!   


The GVA has endless vistas and beautiful locations for a wedding. It doesn't matter if you're planning a grand affair or an intimate gathering. The vows exchanged on that day and the people you choose to share it with are so meaningful. Those are memories that can't be replaced and can't be replicated. In my opinion that is the number one reason why wedding photography is the most important choice you will make on that day. Other than who to marry, of course! 


Choosing a wedding photographer can be a dauting task. If you connect with my pictures, if you want to rest easy that your wedding day memories are something I take as a personal responsibility and if you agree that these memories should be preserved beautifully and giving you a complete overview of your day, then contact me. I am looking forward to capturing your thousand words! 

West Vancouver wedding photography by Karin Inge Photography

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